[Data Manager UI] Field 'id' can not be NULL

I’ve been having problems adding id fields to tables. For example, I can create a new table with two fields: id (of type id) and name (of type string). When I navigate to the Data page and Create a new entry for the table, I receive this error when clicking “Save”:

DreamFactory Table Module
Field ‘id’ can not be NULL.

I originally had this problem when I was setting up a postgres database, but I have the same problem with a fresh install using the default sqlite database (DF v2.1.0 installed from github).

This looks like it’s a bug, but only in the Data manager UI. If you POST your records directly to the API the call works fine.
I’ve filed a bug report for this.

Great, thanks Drew! I’ll keep an eye on github for the fix.

Some progress in this bug?


We retagged the 2.1 release a couple of times. I believe this fix is included in the most recent. So if you haven’t updated in the last day or two, do another pull and update.

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Great work! I’ll mark this as solved.