Design and create dashboard using Dreamfactory tools

Hey we are using wireless sensor to interface pycom and we are using python library with to read the data from temperature sensor, following some of my doubts which I need to clear

  • Can we integrate python library with node js.
  • what tools are used easily with python library to create the dashboard with bar graph (Shows average data per day) and line graph (live streaming data of temperature sensor)
  • Create SMS alert via cross-platform messaging which share the data using GPRS 2G connection even if internet will not be available

For sensor data, you could write it to the local MySQL database in DreamFactory, and then just hook it up to something like Metabase to query it for stats and generate alerts. For SMS alerting you could just run a cron job for a python script that executes a SQL query, then triggers a message if a condition is met. The actual sending can be done over the sim card itself (via Machine to Machine or M2M SMS) or via a web request to twilio/

Create, read, update, or delete objects and related objects with a single API … You can also use scripting to create your own custom REST APIs. … Kibana provides flexible reporting on all API calls with pre-configured dashboards segmented lenovo support

Is this also allow to create a message session with social chat applications or website ? I am searching for the solution which help create a message on social chat application or chat browsers ?

And for future process some “Assigned” key words might help to use some modes to control the outputs connected to pycom?

I can use this tool to create the Dashboard from the search console data to draw the some important information. Is this work for web design, i mean over the internet .