Development to production process

How are people handling the common situation of having a development server and a production server using dreamfactory? IE, I can of course clone my server to get a duplicate envirionment for dev and prod. But then, after making changes to dev (including possibly database schema updates, permissions, added services, whatever), how to migrate those to the production server when ready?

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Check out the packages feature. You can administer packages from the Admin Console and it has a full API.

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There’s nothing in my “Type” dropdown menu, so I cant do anything?

That’s strange. What version of DreamFactory are you using? You should see System, Local File Storage, and any databases that you’re connecting to with DreamFactory.

Here’s my config screen:

Can you post a screenshot of the Type drop down menu so I can show engineering? You can post on this thread or email to benbusse at

It would also help to get all the messages in your browser console when that page loads.

Here’s the package screen with the dropdown selected:

And here it is after a refresh with the console open:

Looks like I don’t have the package api for some reason?

Thanks, I’m going to show this to the front-end developer Carsten. Can you shoot me an email with your contact info so we can troubleshoot this offline. benbusse at dreamfactory. thx

yeah, it’s weird. we’ll figure it out.

Can you go to the API Docs tab and see whether a GET on system/package returns anything? If it returns the package manifest, then something is amiss with the UI.

I don’t seem to have system/package:

did you upgrade to df 2.1.2 from a previous version? if so, try this:

php artisan config:clear

php artisan dreamfactory:pull-migrations

php artisan migrate – seed

php artisan cache:clear

Then clear your browser cache, reload the admin app, and check for system/package API.

Looks like that fixed things.

So, I assume this must be done on systems with the same dreamfactory version? IE, I have a 2.1.2 version dreamfactory and when I export a package and try to import it on a freshly made vm from dreamfactory 2.2.1 it errors out (something about a user insert).

So it cant be used to get an updated dreamfactory going…

It’s meant to work across DF versions. Can you post the entire error message?

It pops up so I couldnt grab it all, but this should be enough…

Failed to insert users. Batch Error: Not all parts of the request were successful.
Context: Array
[errors] => Array
[0] => 0

[resource] => Array
[0] => SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘adldap’ in ‘field list’ (SQL: insert into user (name, username, first_name, last_name, last_login_date, email, is_active, phone, security_question, default_app_id, adldap, oauth_provider, created_by_id, last_modified_date, created_date) values (aric caley, , aric, caley, 2016-07-16 20:11:55,, 1, , , , , , 1, 2016-07-19 22:05:17, 2016-07-19 22:05:17))


#0 /opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/vendor/dreamfactory/df-core/src/Resources/System/BaseSystemResource.php(197): DreamFactory\Core\Models\BaseModel::bulkCreate(Array, Array)
#1 /opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/vendor/dreamfactory/df-core/src/Resources/System/BaseSystemResource.php(221): DreamFactory\Core\Resources\System\BaseSystemResource->bulkCreate(Array, Array)

I think you need to both instances upgraded to 2.2.1 (use the same commands earlier in the thread). Then try the package import. Going forward (2.2.1 and higher) this shouldn’t be the case, but there were some back-end changes between 2.1 and 2.2 that necessitate version parity.