Display secure images

What is the path to access images securely
I want image owner and admin to see it
and deny rest of them.
what will be the path ? and how to handle it ?
ex : I have uploaded image to files/images/20.jpg
I can access the image from file manager and if I want to access it from client i have to include filemanager api key and session key to display image. is it safe to pass filemanger key with images ?

my bad
found an option to pre/post files as well, this is great.
I am trying to secure images using relationship.
how to redirect request in pre process script using nodejs ?
lets say if image/20.jpg was requested if user is not authorized then request to update the resource and send them notauthorized.png

something like this event.resource = “images/notauthorized.png” but its not working
any idea how to handle this.

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Hey @Vinod_Hum, I’m glad to hear that you figured it out! Thanks for posting your solution.

As for this:

Please open a new thread for a new, unrelated, question.