Documentation on the DreamFactory Mobile App

The DreamFactory Mobile Application (DMA) allows you to quickly deploy your applications to end users on mobile devices. DMA was built with Apache Cordova, also known as PhoneGap.

DMA is open source and free to use. You can get more information on our wiki here.

Hi Ben,

The link you provided comes up with a 404 error from GitHub and there seems to be no other place to gain access to the DMA source code or documentation.

Has this access been revoked or is there some other place one can get it?

Much obliged.

@Kapische sorry, the DMA source code has been deprecated since it was built for DreamFactory Version 1.X, which has been discontinued. We have not built a DMA for DreamFactory 2.X. However, the code is in a private repo, so it still exists. Email me benbusse at if you’re interested.