Downloaded Angular2 Example, Where In Local Storage - I can't find it

I selected the Angular2 app from the Apps section.

I followed the instructions for for the angular2-sdk and expected to see the app in the Files section of DF2 per the DF tutorials. It isn’t there. I looked on the server at /df2/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/storage/app and only gitignore lives there. This same file shows in the Files section. I looked in Apache and Nginx and everywhere I could think of, I’m using Nginx, but no Angular2 app.

I can see the tables and data in DF2. I need to access the config file to replace the DF API key code and for that I need to find the app code and edit it.

I tried all the storage options for the app except remote URL. I’ve downloaded the example files several times using every option in the UI. I couldn’t find anything about this on the Web.

I’m on a Mac but using a Vagrant Ubuntu 16.04 box.

I’ll try to set this up manually but it seems like it should just work…