Dreamfactory logs not showing encoded json in request URL

I am encoding json in request string with the request URL and api key, but records are not inserted into database.
Also in dreamfactory logs, i am not able to see encoded json.
Please help me about how to get encoded json in dreamfactoy logs

[2016-10-20 07:29:24] production.INFO: [RESPONSE] {“Status Code”:200,“Content-Type”:“application/json”}
[2016-10-20 07:34:03] production.INFO: [REQUEST] {“API Version”:“2.0”,“Method”:“POST”,“Service”:“postgrestest”,“Resource”:"_table/tablename"}
[2016-10-20 07:34:03] production.DEBUG: [REQUEST] {“Parameters”:"{“fields”:"*",“api_key”:“someapikey”,“type”:“log”}",“API Key”:null,“JWT”:null}

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Hey @netgains,

The raw logs don’t generate JSON but you can write JSON logs to logstash now in 2.3.1. But it’s a paid feature.


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