Dreamfactory SSL connection to DB backer?

I’m working on setting up MongoDB with SSL and realized I have no explicit indication that Dreamfactory supports SSL connections to Mongo.
Does it? If so, is there anything special I need to do?
If it doesn’t, are there any DBs supported by Dreamfactory that DO support SSL comms between DSP and the backend DB?

Currently there is no configuration option for SSL but you can easily change the MongoDB class to achieve this result. In the DreamFactory codebase the following line in MongoDbSvc.php would need to have ssl=true in the options array.

_client = new \MongoClient( _dsn, $_options );

See below for example. Your MongoDB instance obviously has to support SSL as well.


Super, that did it. Thanks Todd! (How did I write Tom before?)
Maybe that could be a checkbox flag in a future version?

Glad it worked for you. It’s very likely we will add a checkbox for it.