Error 404: Procedure 'procedure_name' does not exist in the database

I have a MySQL database with a stored procedure that takes the user’s email address as an input parameter (pemail) and returns the user’s ID from the bitnami_dreamfactory_user table. It works fine in MySQL Workbench, but I can’t figure out how to run it from the Dreamfactory API docs. I am using the API doc called POST /_proc/{procedure_name} - Call a stored procedure. First, it’s not clear to me how to add a parameter when executing the API doc. I edited the example value text so it looks like this:

“params”: [
“pemail”: "",
What comes back is “Error 404: Procedure ‘get_userid_from_email’ does not exist in the database.”

I know it’s there, it works, and I can call other procedures that have simple select queries without input or or output parameters.

Any ideas would be appreciated, including an example of how to use the API docs to call a MySql stored procedure with a single input parameter and a single output parameter.



Never mind … I rebooted, and Dreamfactory can see the stored procedure now.

this is solved by refreshing the service cache to the db. Config -> cache

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