Error "Undefined offset: 0" from complex query

Hi, so here’s my problem:
I have several related tables which I like to GET.

This works:

This stopped working after the Update to 2.9.0:

I always get an error with the message “Undefined offset: 0” and the Code 500.
It has worked before and stopped when I updated to 2.9.0.

I tried to remove limit and offset from the query, which did not yield a positive result.
The only other difference is obviously the list of ids that should be retrieved.

To me it seems like an PHP error. How can I solve this?

Thanks for any insight.

It seems, linke the filter closed=false and published=true does not work well with the ids list.
In fact, I get all the entities from the id list and the filter is ignored.

Can it be that I just can’t use pagination in combination with a list of ids?

I now resolved to transforming the ids parameter into a filter, which works like (id=0) or (id=5) or …