Export / Import Users


When i export and import users from dreamfactory dashboard, i get this error:
“Api Error
Batch Error: Not all parts of the request were successful.”

Note: I use the same csv,json or xml file. (Not edited)

Serkan, when importing users you cannot import a user with an ID # that is the same as a currently existing user in the system. This is likely the cause of your issue.

For example, when I export all my users from one DSP, my account (the original admin) is ID # 1. My account in the new DSP is also ID # 1, so I cannot import that row from my export file without editing it first. I can change the ID or remove the row entirely.

Email addresses are also unique to the user records, so attempting to import a user with an email address already taken will also fail. In my example above, this would mean I would take the second option of removing the record entirely, since I used the same email address to register my admin user in both DSPs.

Finally, looking into your DSP log file will provide more detailed information about why the import is failing (if it’s not one of the reasons I listed above.)

Thank you @formerstaff, i will try it but i am sure you are right. :thumbsup: