Filter without being case sensitive

Example filter:
last_name = zhu should return same results as last_name = Zhu

Hey @delebash,

I’m a little confused on your question.

Can you provide more details of what you are trying to do and what you’re working on?

Any extra details would be appreciated.


In the live api docs select the db database
Choose getDbRecords

table_name: contact
filter: last_name = Yuan

Results are 2 records where last_name = Yuan

If you have the same filter except this time last_name is lower case
filter: last_name = yuan

Results are no matching records

So whether filter is lowercase or uppercase you get the same records returned

Is there value you can pass as a query parameter to disable case sensitivity when using filter?

@delebash what collation are you using in your database?

I see, for Sqlite it looks like you can change the collation at the connection level and table level. I am just using the built in db for quick testing and will probably be using Mysql, but is it possible to change the Sqlite collation in DF on the connection or database level?