Free Version Usage

About 1.5 yrs ago I downloaded and built an API for an internal tool used by a few people on my team. I am now wanting to do this again, however I see in the feature listing that the free version does not have MSSQL server support listed.
Will it still work with SQLExpress ? Unfortunately, due to the limited usage of this particular project, it wont gain any budgetary traction in my organization, so if required to purchase a Gold or Silver product for this simple project, I wont be able to continue.
On that note, what are ballpark prices for those packages. I see no pricing listed.

Thank you,

Hey, Tony.
All versions of MS SQL, whether Express or not, will need a silver or gold license to connect with DreamFactory.
Pricing is available only through our sales team. You can reach out to and they can get you rolling.

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