GETing deep structures

Is it possible to get an object graph more than one level deep natively using the API?

I am aware of the ‘related’ feature, but cannot use it to get the entire graph.

For example, in my application there are Qualifications which comprise Pathways which are themselves a collection of Units:

Qualification --(1:many)–> Pathway --(many:many)–> Unit

The relationship between Pathway and Unit is represented by a many:many table (Pathway Unit) which is just two ID columns.

If this is not possible natively, how would you recommend I achieve this.



what I normally do is going to API Docs and make the call with * as related and see the name of the relation that DF puts.


then the related would be products_by_product_id or something like that.

You can also get relationship names by doing a GET on {serivce}/_schema/{table name}

There will be a section showing all the relationships available from that table.

Unfortunately, we do not support relationships more than one level away from the base of the call.