Getting 401 while making a GET request

I am trying to make a GET request to my dreamfactory endpoint. But, I am getting the 401 code while doing so from my angular app. But the request was made successfully when I made it from Postman.
Here’s the snippet:

var header = {headers:  {
    "X-DreamFactory-Application-Name" : "myApp",


$scope.doLogin = function (){
				$scope.login = $stateParams.login;
				$http.get('', header).success(function ( response ) {
					$scope.logins = response.record;
				$scope.goHome = function () {

Where Am I going wrong?

Anyways, I solved it by enabling CORS and Guest Login from the system panel. Thanks :smile:

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Good to hear you got it working, @liveashish. Please also take a look at our wiki for configuration options.