How to apply role to user?


Making first steps with Dreamfactory and followed the tutorial I am not finding, how could I apply role to the user, when I want user to access some service (and not app).

is described, how to create such role, but on User-tab there is no place to apply roles for services, there is only list of apps.

How could I achieve it?



Hi again!

While waiting my message to appear here I had time to experiment. Now I can propose solution too: you can make a role with just those permissions you need to apply for certain service and then let the user has this role for api_docs app. It worked like that, but was not intuitive to set up that way.

If that is somewhere in docs, i misread it. If it is not, then it would be good to have it, don’t you think?

And, like in the other topic: it would be great to adjust automatically the documentation of the API to the same level with permissions.



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You can also create a new app that is just a logical app (i.e. not connected to any specific code hosted on the system) and use that key to associate your users and roles.

Could you provide some example, please? For example, what I asked here:

How to create logical app for that script? So I could use this app to bind roles to user and use API key for this endpoint.


Just go to Apps. Create a new app. Give it a name. Set it to active and select “No storage required.”

Thank you for holding hand :wink:

It was hard, but seems to work now. Getting now

This instance cannot run server-side javascript scripts. The 'v8js' is not available.

But this is another topic and big leap forward for me. Thank you!