How to best do user management?

I now have almost 500 registered users.

Sometimes I have to check accounts, do password resets, and change user roles.

Here’s what I do now: I go into MySQL and query df_sys_user to find the user ID. I then go into the Users tab of the admin console and flip through screens to find the user. Sorting column headings only sorts within the few records at hand. I then use the admin UI to manage the user.

Is there a better way to do this? I don’t really want to write generic user management functionality.

If I do though, I’d write an app for it. Is this improved in 2.x?

How have others solved this? Is there a better way?

Many thanks.

Bump it up. Bump it up.


We’ve talked about adding a search/filter on the users tab. That would fix your problem, right?

Indeed, if it doesn’t filter/search the page-at-hand but does so for all users.

Right now, the UI “scales” to about one dozen users.

IMO, practical user management would be a great built-in for mBaaS. Also, would be a great
mobile tool too. There’s a handful of use cases that might be awesome to have on the mobile device. Password reset is always support ticket #1. This would be first. Other areas of user management (add, change, remove, change role, etc.) would be brilliant mBaaS capabilities, not just in a trivial yep-we-got-that tick mark kind of way, but with a capability that can be realistically operationalized with thousands and many more users.

I’d simply rather code other stuff.

We can definitely do the filter on all users. I will push to get this in the next release. Other things you mentioned I will bring up with the team for discussion.

Thanks Todd. You guys rock.