How to check whether v8js is installed correctly or not in bitnami dreamfactory?


I have chosen bitnami dreamfactory. The challenge is that, I am unable to use v8js scripting. The dreamfactory mentioned that bitnami comes with v8js by default.

Is there any we can check whether v8js installed or not in bitnami?


in your command line, you can do the following
C:\path\to\dreamfactory\php\php.exe -m
and you should see a list of modules installed, as well as any errors that are generated from php trying to use installed modules.
You should see v8js listed.

When you say that you are unable to use v8js, what problem are you encountering? Any errors?

Hi Drew Pearce,

Thank you for your suggestion. I am using Bitnami Dreamfactory. I got confirmed from Bitnami that V8JS installed by default.

The scripts I am writing as part of post or pre process are not being executed. I dont see anything in log. At the same time, I dont see errors as well.

Krishna G

for a post process script, try adding the following at the top of the script:

This should write the event object to the dreamfactory.log file.