How to get request ID for PHP Server Side Scripting?

I have just installed DF and now trying to find out how to fully utilize the server side scripting for PHP. I am just trying to increase a view count of a record, but I am having a hard time finding how to access the request ID used in the get request.

I am using “sampleDB._table.{table_name}.get.post_process” with the following code below:

$posts_id = XXX; /// --> how to retrieve the ID parameter in the get request? I have found documentation on JS, but there seems to be none for PHP.

$view = mysqli_query($conn, "UPDATE posts SET number_views = number_views + 1 WHERE id = $posts_id ");

As it turns out, I just need to var_dump($event) under PHP sever side scripting and then watch the logs within dreamfactory.log.