How to pass the payload data from request to post process script?

Hi all, I am building a use case on user registration. The idea is to store the user data like phone number, city and other details on a third party database like Amazon RDS and the basic authentication is on Dreamfactory. So what I am thinking is to have a post process script on user/register which will check the event.response status code with 200 and using the it should pass the user payload to amazon RDS. I cannot have this logic on pre process because I want to validate the POST event and pass the data afterwards.

The problem I am facing is the payload is available till the pre process script on event.request but once the Post happens and during the post process, event.request is not available. Can someone explain whether there is any way in which we can extract the payload from the request?

Any help from the experts please? @benbusse @drewpearce

Never mind, I got it rectified. event.request is available in Post process script as well, sorry for the confusion!

sorry for the crickets.

we’ve been a little swamped in support proper lately. event.request should indeed be available post process.