Is Cloudant Supported?

I literally just signed up with dreamfactory, so I am about as green as a newbie can be. I see that CouchDB is listed under noSQL, but not Cloudant. Can I use this to connect to Cloudant? When I started to setup a Cloudant Service, I notice that there was no “database” field (which is odd, since the MongoDB in the blog tutorial had one). Does this mean I have to give dream factory full access to my admin user credentials? I had hoped to just set it up with database-specific credentials. (where cloudant generates an API key for a user)

Sorry if I just missed in the docs how to handle this- like I said… just getting my feet wet here. Thanks in advance for any help

YES Cloudant works great! I’ve done it, just enter the connection string in a couch db service.

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Did you use an API key (where cloudant creates a new user just for programmatic access) or did you use a regular user? And how did you specify database (did you do that in URL as well)?

sorry for the pedantic questions, but I am coming from a PHP environment where I had my cloudant connections run through Sag.

Thanks again

Here is a movie that explains it, Cloudant hookup is in the 2nd half

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Thanks for the video, unfortunately it is for a Bluemix implementation, and I am not using bluemix, so it kind of obscures the connection part.

Still have no idea how to use the programatic keys that Cloudant provides. But right now I’d be happy getting any kind of connection working. I keep getting this message when I plug in all of my Cloudant info and run the first test from the API docs:

“error”: [
“context”: null,
“message”: “Failed to list resources for this service.\nUnauthorized - one of _all_dbs, _admin, server_admin is required for this request (GET /_all_dbs [])”,
“code”: 500