Is it a bug or any other problem. Wrong time of file saved to server?

I am seeing this problem where the month is one month ahead. And it doesnt reflect the server date time also. Where is this date time fetched from by Dreamfactory?
Please look at the third column in file manager.
I have checked and the server date time is correct. But the value shown on the file manager column of dreamfactory is wrong.

I have checked the date and time of the server. It is correct. Here is the screenshot. But file viewer date time is one month ahead and different.

Hey there @raviypujar,

Whatever the timezone of the server is set to is what DreamFactory uses. Though it’s possible that you could also set the TimeZone of PHP and it be different from the server.

There are no DreamFactory settings for TimeZones, apart from database drivers, but that’s an optional setting.


Hi Ravi. I’m seeing the same problem. I will look into this more in depth.

This is logged as DF-857

It should be noted that the files are being stored with the correct dates. It’s just that the UI is not displaying them correctly.

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Hi Drew,
Thanks for looking at it. Yes, it is in UI display only.

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