Javascript client SDK "Error getting session" POST 400 (Bad Request)

we got a client app using javascript api, which seems to be working fine for sometime

then we are unable to get session using javascript SDK , even though
we can login to the admin panel
so i even upgraded to v 1.8.2 but still it doesn’t help
we are using the swagger and shred version of client sdk in javascript

also one more thing
Database Version: 1.7.0

DreamFactory Services Platform Version: 1.8.2

i did try the weburl/web/logout but it didn’t seem to work anything about upgrading database

Hi @ikyaqoob, could you please post the full Request and Response so I can better understand what’s failing and how? Thanks!

Hi jeff

the system becomes stable after update ,
there seems to be some issue in the credentials , we are using percona mysql
what happens was that some client users credentials we have to re enter and save them in the user account ,

it seems it takes some time for the update to take effect in terms of plesk

So you are updating the credentials in Plesk rather than in the DSP? Is Plesk caching DSP calls and responses?

hi jeff

in DSP actually what happens the user accounts password seems to be not saved somehow randomly

so we have to reenter the password then it grants session.

Is this at user login (authentication to an app) or while setting/resetting a user’s password via the Admin Console?

jeff it is at the admin console