JSONP Call from AngularJS Returns 500 Error

I’m trying to do a little AngularJS app with DF as a back-end.

Even with my config allowing ‘*’ for all http methods, I kept getting a cross-domain block request so I switched to trying to do a jsonp call from a factory using the $resource function as follows:

return $resource(‘http://localhost:8090/rest/myappapi/customer?app_name=myapp’,
{callback : ‘JSON_CALLBACK’},
query : {method: “JSONP”}

(My app is hosted at http://localhost)

The resulting call from the angularjs app is:


Which so confuses DF it gives a 500 internal error.

What am I overlooking here?

We adhere to the $http doc on using jsonp, so your call back has to be called JSON_CALLBACK as you’ve tried to do. When using JSONP with angular resource, that call back name changes as you can see in the resulting call. Using $http instead of Angular will get rid of the 500.

There is a bug with CORS we’re looking at right now with the latest release.
Right now it seems intermittent, more to come on that.

Well I’m just coming up the curve on Angularjs and tutorials I came across kind of recommend $resource over $http.