Learning the fundamentals

Can anyone suggest some resources for basic fundamentals of RESTful APIs, CRUD operations, HTTP methods, etc? I’m a newbie newbie when it comes to highly technical web app knowledge, but I face the same problems that a lot of other folks do:

  1. learning curve can be steep
  2. hard to find affordable labor (programmers)
  3. I have a desire to learn and understand, but more often than not end up in circles attempting to figure things out

Briefly, my first project with DF will be a simple order data ingestion API that can take in order data and export each record as an XML file. BUT, I’m like a motorcycl mechanic trying to build a PC…

Any help is appreciated!

I would start by reading up on high level concepts. Wikipedia is good for this because it usually provides a gentle introduction before digging into technical details. Google ‘wikipedia crud’ or ‘wikipedia rest’ for example. From there you can search for tutorials and examples that go into more detail on your specific area of interest.