Loading Custom Service Type

I am attempting to develop my own custom File Service type for interacting with Google Cloud Storage. For reference I borrowed heavily from the AWS S3 Service, and I think I have the underlying code at a good place. What I can’t figure out is how to get DreamFactory to recognize my Service Type. I added my PHP package to composer.json, and if I look in the admin panel, I see my package as loaded. However, my custom service is not showing up in the dropdown when I attempt to create a service. I don’t see any relevant error messages in the log file. Am I missing something?

For reference, my custom module code is located at https://github.com/singularcuriosity/df-gcloud

I am also running DF in a Docker container rather than installing locally if that matters.

Think I figured it out. Looks like I had to register my ServiceProvider in config/app.php. After some tweaks to get the DB migration to run successfully, I am a lot closer.

I would be nice if there were some documentation available for the process of creating custom ServiceProviders. Since this is an open-source project, I would figure you would want to encourage developers to add functionality to the system.

Glad you got that figured out!

There are a couple of requests for this type of documentation. Perhaps you could provide some? DreamFactory does take pull requests.

Yeah I can look at putting that together. I am looking at creating a few more custom services anyway, so I will give me a chance to polish the instructions.

On that note, are there any plans to support Elasticsearch as a service? That’s another critical part of my planned infrastructure. If not, I can take a crack at that probably starting from the NoSQLDB base and then adding additional resources to support the search functionality.