Missing user_lookup_by_user_id

I have git installation of DreamFactory Version: 2.8.0. I would like to have all user lookup keys after login. I whould like to add it in post response script.
I found that it can be retrieved by /api/v2/system/user/2?related=user_lookup_by_user_id. But in my dreamfactory I don’t have user_lookup_by_user_id relation -> “message”: "Unknown relationship: user_lookup_by_user_id"
Do I do something wrong?
Thank for advice.


Is the first installation?

Verify if this can help you: http://community.dreamfactory.com/t/help-to-others-when-installing-df-in-a-vps-problems-solutions/3863/2?u=lbat

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Thank you, no, it was upgrade from previous version DF. after clear cache it was working ok.

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