Modifying related data using scripts


I am wondering if it is somehow possible to modify the related data from a request somehow using scripts.

function initialise(randomId)
    var uniqueUserId = randomId;
    var queryString = getDate()-172800;
    var filter_data = {"order": "startdate ASC" , "related": "eventmaster_by_eventid" , "filter": "enddate>'" +queryString+ "' AND status='1' AND uuid='" +uniqueUserId+ "'"};
    var request = platform.api.get("appname/mfavourites",filter_data);
    return request;

result = initialise(event.randomId);
return result;

I am trying to modify the startdate field of the eventmaster table which is linked by eventid.

Yes, it is certainly possible. Any modifications to related data you can make through API calls may be done from a script also. Here is our documentation on updating related data:

Once you get the update working through the API, you should have an easier time implementing the same in a script.