MongoDB to DreamFactory translation of Date values

Apparently, there is a MongoDB to DreamFactory translation of Date data going on.

On my MongoLab data, a Date looks like this:

"GameDate": {
           "$date": "2014-09-20T00:00:00.000Z"

When I read this data in with AngularJS via DreamFactory, I get back a Date object that looks like:
```Object {sec: 1409184000, usec: 0}``` 

For which the 10 digit "sec"onds value represents the JavaScript date:
Fri Jan 16 1970 23:26:24 GMT-0800 (PST), about 44 years off.

How do I format a real Date with this MongoDB Date data and more so, how do I post a valid Date using the DreamFactory methods?

Thanks for any clues I can use.

Hey Alan, sorry for the delay. We’re looking into this (saw your support request too). Mark will be in touch by Monday and we’ll post an answer here as well.


My apologies for the delayed response. One of our engineers is looking into this right now, so I’ll get right back with you as soon I have a solid answer. For now though, have a look at these couple of posts I saw on stack:

MongoDB ISO Timedate

Storing Dates in Mongo and using in AngularJS

If you haven’t seen these already, they may be able to provide a bit of insight. Note that this issue is related to both angular and jquery.

I’ll be back in touch shortly.


  • Mark