Multi primary key & one record

is it posible to get one record from db service (mysql) with get api ?
(/db/_table/{table_name}/{id} getRadtaxidbRecord() - Retrieve one record by identifier)

I can state param id_field for pk column names separated with comma (e.g. id_pai,id_comp), but how can I enter Identifier of the record to retrieve?

I know, I can use /db/_table/{table_name} getRadtaxidbRecords() - Retrieve one or more records with filter, but I just curios if it is possible with primary key.

Thank you.

We do not currently support composite keys as identifiers, but you can get an individual record by an individual column value or with filtering, as you indicated.

There is a feature request for this and it should be completed in an upcoming development sprint.

thank you for response.
In upcoming version it will be fine, because filtering and receive just one record identified by primary key (multi key) is big difference for developer… especially with lookup keys - pk is row owner lookup key and id is for identity in row owner context.
Thank you for your work :slight_smile:

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Is this possible meanwhile?
I am trying but without luck. I didn’t find something in the wiki…

Thank you in advance.