Must I be login to access or modify my data?

I have a sample requirement. Just count event click, (counts,something else data). So I really don’t need to login.
is there a simple way to get it?


For any and all DSP’s there is a requirement to have an admin account, or basically someone that is essentially “in control” of the development process. So, although you may have the simplest idea for an app in the world, you’ll still need to create an account with an email address to kick-off your dev process!


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It seem’s I could create a special or anonymous account to login automatic,then save the data,isn’t it?

You could allow guest access


You will first need to create your administrator account, then create a guest role. Assign this role to a guest user when you enable guest access.

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Lots of thanks,I 'm newer to REST API. not sure if it could let me do not develop server code again.Help so.

This picture is really I want.Enthusiastic man!

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Another problem.
How can I debug with GUESTS access, puts username “guests” and without password? I can’t find any useful document about this,it’s better show me an example,or link.thanks

Hey - just saw your question here. Could you clarify for me a bit on what exactly you’re trying to do here? You may have made some progress on the issue as it’s been a couple days… Are you trying to figure out how to create a guest role and enable guest access?


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Enabling guest access means that users are granted the permissions (which are assigned to that role) without providing a login or password.

So, I could effectively give a user full access to my database by creating a user role with those permissions and then assigning this role as my guest role. The idea is simple, but when putting it on paper it seems to become a bit more vague.

But, yes… the whole idea behind guest user/role is that they are granted these permissions without having to login.


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