MySQL Table Structure


I am trying to create two tables route_details, passenger_details to contain data as below. I am not able to understand how the both data base schema should be. Passenger details is one more table which comes attached depending on when date in travel_date field of route_details matches date in boarding_date_time field.

Also i am wondering if i write the below data as is and make a POST in MySQL API DOCS to route_details table, will the DF create 1 row in route_details table and 2 rows in passenger_details table?


“title”:“Mr”,“name”:“Ravi P”,
“bording_date_time”:“2016-04-02 09:05 PM”
“title”:“Mr”,“name”:“Raju G”,
“bording_date_time”:“2016-04-02 09:05 PM”

I am a hardware engineer, And don’t have much idea about mySQL or tables
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.