MySQL View expose by REST API - Different Formats


i have just setup dreamfactory via Amazon AWS. Fantastic process and was up and running in 20 minutes. I have a few high level questions and hoping someone could answer them.

I created a service which connects to my AWS MYSQL instance and exposes a view. The output is in a json format which is not so great. My Experience with API development is limited so the question i have is

  1. To create a service to expose my view with a better formatted json output do i need to create a custom script?
  2. do i need to create a custom script to also expose it as XML and CSV?

Thanks in Advance. appreciate the help

  1. Why do you think output JSON isn’t so great? It depends on the requirement. JSON is super easy and fast. XML could be memory hungry at times. You can format the data using any client side script also, which I think would be faster as you’d be passing on the server cpu time onto client’s side.

  2. The easiest way would be a custom script. ( Unless there is something new in the newer version ).

Hi Hussain, thanks for the reply.

What i am basically after is to expose my mysql view via HTTP in CSV,XML and JSON format where i just need a API key to access and the format, type is already set for each API. ill have 3 separate API’s for each format.