No valid fields exist in the received table schema (MongoDB)


I can not create new MongoDB tables.

the error is; "No valid fields exist in the received table schema."
error code: 500

It’s strange, It’s NoSQL.

No reply… this is just how this community works. Not just for this topic but almost for all of my topics.

Hey @hedisam thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We like to give the community an opportunity to respond, while we are also looking into it on our end in the meantime. One thing to keep in mind, if you need a more timely reply from the DreamFactory support folks, for example within 4 business hours - 1 day, you may consider signing up for paid support.

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Typically, this message means that there is an error with the JSON. So if you open up the JSON in a JSON editor, it will help you debug the issue immediately.

I suggest using JSON lint to validate the JSON. Let me know if that works! :slight_smile:

FYI: We also have a bug filed that requires fields when creating NoSQL table, even though they are not used. I don’t suspect that is it, but it will be fixed in the forthcoming release.


@AlexBowen Oh, I didn’t expect such a fast replying… thanks for that.

Well, my json was so simple that there was no need for validation.

“resource” : { “name”: “inbox” }

It’s simple enough, isn’t it? As you mentioned it should be a bug.

If it is indeed affected by the bug, it should be fixed in our upcoming release.

Thanks for your patience,

Do you know timetable this bug fix?

This bug results from DreamFactory schema editor requiring at least one field to be given in the request, even though MongoDB doesn’t have defined fields.

Until the bug is resolved, you can work around this by doing something like this
POST MongoDBServiceName/_schema

	"resource": [{
		"name": "SomeCollectionName",
		"field": [{
			"name": "dummyfield",
			"type": "id"

The dummyfield will not actually be created, but it’s necessary to get past the schema validation check.

This bug is being resolved in the current sprint (which started this week.) Sprints are typically 6 weeks long, so look for this fix ~ August 19