Nodejs installation and scripting instructions

Are there any instructions for installing Node.js in DF and using nodejs scripting in server side scripting ? The wiki page does not have any info regarding this. I am interested in installing some npm modules and use them to manipulate my inbound and outbound data.

Hi, how you installed DF? and which version you are using?

I installed the Bitnami image on google on a container, v2.0.2

Is there any update on installation documentation or maybe nodejs example scripts? I’ve installed DF with an Openshift cartridge so I didn’t get any prepackaged libraries. It looks like the Nodejs section of the wiki has said “Coming Soon!” for a few months.

Node examples should be done in a few days. Sorry for the delay.

Ah no worries - I know you guys are working hard on it.

There’s now a node example showing how to enable node and use require() to include modules that your script can use. We’ll be adding more examples in the future.

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FYI, more Node examples in the docs here