Non english text with postgresql

Hi, I’m using the latest dream factory with postgresql
I’m getting dream factory response for non english char as their unicode number like \u05db
I read in the docs about supports_multibyte not sure if that related supports_multibyte is false
but i cant find national type for postgresql my fields are of type text and my db encoding is utf8


it seem the problem is phps json_encode theres an option for JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE
i think its in Utility/DataFormatter.php jsonEncode line 767 i changed it for myself, are there other places to edit? maybe add a config option to set this?

Did editing DataFormatter.php fix the issue for you, or did it not fix and you now think it may be elsewhere in the codebase also?

i tested simple gets and it fixed it not sure about any other cases like insertion
i saw other json_encode in the code im not sure if it may pass through it

Unfortunately we haven’t tested this, either. You’ll just have to test your use cases and identify if anything elsewhere in the code arises as a roadblock. If you accomplish this as a robust solution, I recommend contributing back to the open source codebase with your improvements.