Oracle can not connect DF 2.0.3

I am unable to get Oracle connection to work (DF 2.0.3).

Error is:
“context”: null,
“message”: “Could not find a service for hra15dev2”,
“code”: 404,
“trace”: [
“0 /home/marksim/df2/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Cache/Repository.php(205): DreamFactory\Core\Models\Service::DreamFactory\Core\Models\{closure}()”,…

OCI8 is configured with PHP and I am able to connect when using a test php routine.

Suggestions on next steps to figure out issue?

SOLVED. Not error with Oracle connection but service name - I defined service as “Hradev2” (first letter capitalized) and this created the error. Changing service name to all lower case (“hra15dev2”) fixed the problem.

In case it wasn’t clear to anyone reading this post, this is representative of a bug that we’re working to patch. Right now, service names must be all lowercase.