Password reset not working


unfortunately the password reset in the rest api does not work for me:

I am receiving the email with the code but when i set a new password, the new password doesn’t work, although I am getting status 200.

Here’s my request:

            method: 'post',
            url: DSP_URL + '/rest/user/password',
            data: {
                new_password: password,
                code: code,
                email: email

What is wrong here?

Thanks and regards,


Could you give me the version number of your DSP and the content of the reply (where you get the status 200) if any?

Version is 1.7.8 (free hosted), response:


“id”: 2,
“display_name”: “robert”,
“first_name”: “robert”,
“last_name”: “”,
“email”: "",
“is_sys_admin”: false,
“last_login_date”: “2014-09-17 15:31:50”,
“role”: “User”,
“role_id”: 2,
“dsp_name”: “dsp-frdgmt”,
“ticket”: “dJl5kIWMW1Yen4YJNgPhqIbQyfT4Lsfor6BbCcoF4EE,”,
“ticket_expiry”: 1411021295,
“session_id”: “pbug2o6nfcv07f0nvr67sokk3vumfttgi0rkucd6eo950smcc6g1”,
“app_groups”: [],
“no_group_apps”: [
“id”: 10,
“api_name”: “frdgmte”,
“name”: “frdgmte”,
“description”: null,
“is_url_external”: false,
“launch_url”: “”,
“requires_fullscreen”: false,
“allow_fullscreen_toggle”: false,
“toggle_location”: “top”,
“is_default”: false

I can’t seem to reproduce the error on the hosted system or my local environment. Can you tell me the error you get when you try to use the new password to login?

I found my problem: the user is already logged in after the reset. So I have to perform my internal login action. After logging out the password works :smiley:


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