Patch a document in mongodb collection


i m trying to test the “patch” verb on the API DOCS but i can t figure out how to construct the object i want to send.
I’ve been trying to send an object with the name-value pair of the field i want to patch, with no result. I ve also attempted to patch an object with json-patch format…
Couldn’t find any piece of clue in the documentation, only infos about the “update” verb.
The thing is i don’t want to send the entire object from a client everytime i need to patch only one field or two in my document.
Could you give me more info about this?

Nobody Can tell me if the patch verb works on a dreamfactory 2.3?

Can you send me details on your DreamFactory version, setup (installation) and any scripting you’ve used?


Nico, let’s say my I want to patch a record on mysql/_table/mytable
The record looks like this:


Now let’s say I want to change my last name to dat boi

I would PATCH mysql/_table/mytable/1
and my payload would be

    "lastName":"dat boi"

Thank you very much drewpearce.

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