Permanent Token not possible, right?

Hello to all,

I’m deciding to use Dreamfactory for my API needs or not. I certainly need permanent token session type of authentication as I’m developing mobile app with Ionic. I do not want my app user to login everytime they launch the app.

According to some post here, permanent session will not be available until version 2.0. So that mean till current date, there is no way for permanent session? Right?

Also meaning I can’t implement my own authentication because the API access is locked by DSP. Am I right?

If that is true, meaning I can’t use Dreamfactory as my REST API backend anymore. Right?

That is really really sad…

If you’re building a web app, there’s a workaround for permanent sessions. But there’s not a good way to do this now for native mobile apps.

This will all be resolved in 2.0, which will be released in public beta at the end of June. Hopefully you can wait a little longer. Sorry about that.

This post describes the workaround for web apps.

That’s really sad. I have to find another solution. Because it’s urgent (that’s what lead me to here) and I need to access the data via REST as fast and as less work as possible. I’m so happy that I found Dreamfactory, but not anymore… I’ll visit you guys again maybe on the next project…

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OK, sorry about that. Stay tuned for 2.0 and check it out for your next project.

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Hi Ben,

Is the beta version released with Permanent Session?


Yes, 2.0 beta will have it. Beta release slipped past June, we’re close though.

Hey @Leslie_Chan - I wanted to give you an update!

We have officially release DreamFactory 2.0! I believe it will solve your problems. We are actually now on 2.1.2. See our latest blog post here. You can now download it here.

I would love to hear how it goes.

Thank you for your patience.

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