Previous Version of DreamFactory?


Can someone point me in the direction to download and install a previous version of DreamFactory that does not have the limited feature set like the new version has?

Hello @ItsDavid

Thank you for reaching out. DreamFactory has moved onto a much better platform incorporating several new features. You can start a new trial here - which includes most of our popular connectors like Databases and the HTTP REST connectors. Our roadmap highlights the new features/changes included in the platform since July 2019.

Happy to help if you need any other information.


Before the release of DreamFactory version 3 (I believe is when it started) database and custom scripting options were available in the free version. That is no longer the case which really limited the usability of the free version of DreamFactory and for a one-man crew such as myself with minimal to no budget at the moment, paying for a premium version is not on the table for me. I am in the very early stages of trying to take an idea and make it into a reality and it seems that unfortunately, the only way I can test out my ideas in hopes of making it a reality is to use an older version of DreamFactory that still offers the custom scripting and database options without the need for a paid subscription. I understand that’s not the ideal thing to do but it is the only option I currently have to gain access to those features.

I tried to use the HTTP service in the latest version 4.2.1 to connect to third-party APIs that I am affiliated with, however, after following the instructions over and over in the documentation I am unable to get it to work. There are also a couple of networks that I work with that use oAuth2 access_token and refresh_token and I am also unable to get them working with DreamFactory so my last resort was to post here and see if older versions are available that allow access to the database and custom scripting features in the free version. If older versions are unavailable I might just have to go back to the drawing board and see if there is any other software solution out there that will work.

I basically have 6 to 10 rest APIs that I am working with and would like to pull them all into one single location and access all of them using only 1 API access point.

Hopefully this makes sense and clears up any confusion as to why I would ask for an older version.

Hello @ItsDavid

Thank you for being a loyal user of DreamFactory. We do have an open source version which can be found here - It has the basic features like DB connectors(Mysql, MariaDB) as well as HTTP connectors. Unfortunately, the scripting engine is only available in the paid plans.

Some reference links that might be of help

We apologize for the inconvenience.

@abhishek.pandey, I currently have the latest version 4.2.1 installed, however, it does not allow me to use any of the database connector features and requires that I contact DreamFactory to signup for a subscription. On the other hand, the HTTP connectors are available but after setting things up it doesn’t seem to work as is should meaning the required authorization headers are not being sent to the remote rest service. I have followed all instructions and tutorials I can find and none of them seem to get it working as it should. I am also unable to communicate with oAuth2 rest APIs as in the Rakuten Affiliate API which requires an access_token and refresh_token in order to communicate with their API. It seems the only way I would be able to get it to work is by using the custom script feature to send access_token and refresh_token request, therefore, it seems that none of the newer versions of DreamFactory will work for me when used on a free basis which sucks because it appears that DreamFactory could in fact open some doors for me when communicating with 6 to 10 APIs and being able to access them all from one single API. I guess the saying is true that dreams don’t come alive when you’re broke lol.

Not sure why Abhishek is dodging the question, but all older versions are available in docker hub. Just use the tag for the version you need.

I think old regular installers could probably be found on their GitHub releases as well, but did not look into it.
Docker is a great way to run it and I would recommend you to use that.

@ItsDavid @goblin They deleted the older versions from Github when they released the new wings-cut free version.

No, you still have all the releases on their Github page:

The latest stable version with lot of bug fixes was v2.15 . It was removed. I have that version installed.

I still use v2.14 and this is still available on github

Thank you all for your help. I don’t usually run outdated software mainly due to security reasons but I will give it a try and see if it’s worth the worry. My other worry is building on outdated software than later reinventing the wheel when it reaches EOL. Thanks again to all.