New DreamFactory Packages

Read all about our 2.2 release on our blog, here.

We've got some exciting news to share! With the launch of 2.2 we have also updated DreamFactory's packages and offerings.

Check out more information about our current packages and offerings here.

To be clear it is our intention as a company to keep the core DreamFactory product as open source and at this time there are no plans to move any more features out of the open source package. That said, we spend an enormous amount of resources engineering many of the APIs and providing support to our Enterprise customers. Like most open source companies this means we have to monetize on our hard work so that we can remain viable and continue to build what we believe is a best of breed application and service.

We hope you will continue to find value in our open source offering and if you ever have interest in support or any of the features in our commercial license, please let me know and I will have someone reach out and give you all the details.

Thank you,