PUT to SQL DB VIEW does not work

I can successfully ‘GET’ and ‘PUT’ from/to my sql table thru swagger and I can successfully ‘GET/PUT’ from my application without issue. However I can only use swagger to update records using an SQL View as it fails when I attempt to ‘PUT’ data thru my application. The failed response is “No record(s) detected in request.”,“code”:400. I have confirmed on the apache access log the exact same api / url is being called.

The api that I am calling thru my application matches the api in swagger exactly: “http://localhost:8080/api/v2/myservice/_table/my_view?id_field=recId&ids=1

I am using the exact same response body when updating the table as when I update the view too.

I am using DF 2.1

Any ideas?

Thought I was done trying to fix this, but I had an idea…I ended up getting it to work thru my application by combining the urls I saw from the PUT url on my table and the PUT url on my view that swagger generates. The final url looked something like this…


Not sure if this is the ‘correct’ format, but it did update my table using the rest url of my SQL View.