REST API for Datawarehouse Database scenario

I have a database which is a Datawarehouse DB. I would like to use this Datawarehouse DB to create a REST API for developing a Reporting/Dashboard Application based upon Angular JS. When I connect with the database using Dreamfactory its bringing in all the table names. My Questions:

  1. Can we create custom Wrapper API for various entities in the Database so that its easy to understand during REST API Calls? E.g., The current call would be like /rest/api/DIM_EMP where in I would prefer it to be /rest/api/Employee
  2. Can we write custom queries against API ? E.g., Employee Name could be a Dimension and his attendance could be a measure over a timescale. (Joining Employee, Attendance and DateTimeStamp)
  3. Weather Dreamfactory can be deployed over production usage where in there could be 10 to 15 concurrent users?

Inputs would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

  1. I’m not sure. I think API calls are limited by how your tables are named in the DB.

  2. For joins and complex SQL operations, you will likely want to use stored procedures or views. You may also want to check out these forum threads:

  1. Yes! Check out our FAQs and this paper on scalability [PDF].