REST service for Android to MS SQL Server connection, any better tutorials available?

My goal is to connect my Android app with Microsoft SQL server to run stored procedures and retrieve and update data.

I am a novice programmer and brand new to web services. I have run through a couple tutorials on building my own web services and could complete the tutorials but never got a good understanding on how to make my own web service that did what I wanted. I have a Dreamfactory Service created and can interact with my DB in the Live API.

I have the android sample app imported into Android studio but this is where I get completely lost. I cannot really make sense of the sample app. My simplified understanding of a web service you send a string to it and returns a JSON or XML result and it seems like there is ALOT more going on then this in the sample app. I successfully created some simple android apps that used a simple web service I created. After spending a couple days looking at this Dreamfactory solution I feel a lot more comfortable with continuing down the path of learning to create my own web service then I do with using Dreamfactory(which as of now is just adding another layer of complication to what I am trying to accomplish).

My Questions:

-Is dreamfactory the right tool for what I want to do?
-If yes, are there any other tutorials out there that are a little more dumbed down for me? (I would be willing to pay for a good tutorial)

If you’re already to the point of considering coding your own solution, you’re likely already on the technical level of our documentation. The example app has a few basic functions, all of which are simply implementations of the most common functionality, the details of which are outlined in the documentation. Here are a few pages from the documentation to get you started: