Role Access tab does not show components for a service

I’ve installed DF 2.2.0 from source. The hoster does not provide mongo server, so installation was tweaked to use only MySQL. Most parts of amin backend work as expected.
I’ve successfully created service, and schema for it.
Next thing, I’ve created an access role, OK. The strange thing is that in Role Access tab, there is no selection for service components, just an empty item, and a wildcard one: ‘*’.
The selector does not show anything for any other service, either.
The JS console in browser shows an error, which implies, that no records are loaded.

What could be the reason for service components not loading in selector? It would be great, if anyone could point me in the right direction.
Service schema is shown in API documentor, schema tab, data are queried ok in Data tab, REST requests to data and schema are working OK in API testbed.

@Vsevolod_Gromov that is peculiar. What services have you connected? In API docs when you do a GET /schema or a GET call on a table are you able to call the service and see the data? As a first step I would recommend flushing the system cache from the config tab and try reloading the page to see if more role access filters are exposed. Looking at my DF here when I initially selected the service from role access config I was given an asterik and blank (same as you were) but the tables and so on loaded within a few seconds.

Additionally, what browser were you seeing this in?

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Yep, confusing. I’ve created and connected the mysql service.
I can see its schema in Schema tab.
I can see data in its tables, in Data tab.
Surely, I’ve done Cache flashing several times, both from admin dashboard, and command line.
Did page reload as well, with the same result, no components in Role access tab.
In an API docs tab, I can see service components.
I’m performing all these operations with administrative credentials.

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Could anybody clarify which code is responsible for Component listing for a role? It’s hard to debug framework with totally unknown internals. So far, looks like anything is cached at the first call… Then, all lists are being loaded from the cache files… Still trying to pin down the problem.

Can you check which version of dreamfactory/df-admin-app you’re running?
There was a known bug in a recent release, related to Roles.
You can see this info in the Main Config tab.

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If I’m seeing this correctly, it’s “Admin Application Version: 2.2.0”

That was a bug in df-admin app. Thanks, for a hint, Drew Pearce. After updating that component to 2.2.1, it’s working. You have saved my sanity :slight_smile:

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