Run script after record changed by external system

Suppose that I want to use DreamFactory as an integration platform between many systems with single database. One from external systems which is connected with database will change record (this can be internal MySQL db). It is possible to handle this change by server side script? This external system has own integration connector to database, so it isn’t using DF API. If this is possible please for advice.
Second use case - when this will be external database? It is possible?

You can schedule server-side scripts by setting up cron jobs with cURL or wget. See this thread.

Now, how would you know when the DB has been changed by the external DB? If your external service alters the DB directly, how do you expect to be notified? Can the external service be altered to also call the script when it makes the DB change? An API is just an API–it does nothing unless called (whether called by your external service, or a cron job, or a user).

The difference would be trivial whether the DB is the local one or an external one. From the DreamFactory instance’s perspective, it’s just the same operation on a different service name.