Service Definition Repo

It would be AWESOME if we all shared service definitions for common APIs that many may consume. Making a Web Service Service Definition is kind of a PITA. It would be great to copy and paste them for services like gMail, Quickbooks, etc. It would effectively turn DreamFactory into a free, open source Zapier!

Does anybody else feel the same way? Is there already something like this out there?

I don’t really care too much about the format, like I mentioned copy+paste is fine. But wouldn’t it be cool if it was like NPM or github? Click to add one of 100’s of APIs?

Maybe a good way to bootstrap something would be a forum thread of service definitions. Anybody want to volunteer one?


This is a great idea. If there’s interest, we can figure out a way to share these online, but sharing a few on the forum is a good start!

Did this conversation get anywhere?

I think have an ‘appstore’ for services would be an amazing addition to dreamfactory.

Also have some sort of zapier like GUI to integrate events to listen to one api call and trigger another api calls…

Not yet, but on the radar. Wrapping up 2.0 GA release and DreamFactory Enterprise in Oct, then turning to roadmap.

maybe we can start by creating a post here with all the user’s contribution…

@benbusse hi ben
any update here?

No update in terms of product enhancements.

Adding @Jess to the thread. A simple idea to get the ball rolling is to just add a new thread to the remote web services category, where folks can share web service JSON definitions. If that takes off we could create a public GitHub repo to make these publicly available outside of the forum. The JSON definitions are just Swagger files, so could be helpful to anyone using Swagger as well.