Sometimes get 0 value for user_id


I have setup a dsp in AWS and configured it to use forever sessions. I have an android app that communicates with the dsp application. All is well except sometimes, when creating records from the client, I get a zero (0) value for the user_id. I have setup columns like user_id_on_create and user_id_on_update and these are the columns that gets set to 0.

Is this common?


Well if you have forever sessions turned on, and the token has expired, then the system shouldn’t let you perform API actions without first refreshing the token.
UNLESS you have a default role associated with the API Key being used in the calls. Then it’s possible (likely?) that the call goes through based on the default role, rather than on the user’s role, thus yielding a 0 for user_id.

Am I on the right track?