Third-party file storage

Hi all,

Just wanted to throw this question out there to see if anyone in the community has accomplished something similar.

Currently our organisation is using DreamFactory Silver with Microsoft Active Directory to authenticate users and provide them with a session token. Within this system, users will need to be able to upload files to a specific report within the system. Something like a web based email that has file attachments. Each of these files require unique access permissions assigned to them based on predefined distribution/security groups which we have already established in Active Directory.

So far we have looked into using OpenStack Swift to handle file uploading using HTTP verbs. This seems to be the most ideal method for file uploads and downloads as opposed to using blob storage in a SQL database. However we’re finding it difficult to determine the best way to connect up DreamFactory to OpenStack Swift so that the currently logged in user in DreamFactory maps to the same Active Directory user in OpenStack Swift.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to chime in here again. We believe we may be able to achieve what we’re after by storing each user’s Active Directory username and password within private user based lookup keys. Therefore when accessing the OpenStack Object storage service, these DSP lookup keys could be used within the username and password fields for the service definition.

Will report back how we progress.

I don’t know how much this helps your situation, but it looks like the active directory user’s username gets stored in their record in the user table in a field called username. Maybe its accessible in a lookup?